Kijiji mattress scam

Kijiji mattress scam

The content was posted by kiyinne on 2021-10-11 02:19:49 via reddit

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  1. Walk1000Miles says:

    I’m so glad you did not fall for it!

    So many people do!

  2. Pannycakes666 says:

    He’s in the lower 48 and is a 3-hour drive from a Wal-Mart? Bullllshittttttttttt

  3. et842rhhs says:

    His favorite shipping company is one he has no way to pay? I’m sure he would claim he used to use them before he moved, which is why he gave you a little unprompted history of his living situation, but it’s just so dumb. Good thing you caught on.

  4. Gold_Strength says:

    Lol he can’t even keep the name of his fake shipping company straight. Is it Argo or Agro?

  5. i_love_dust says:

    Been playing too much skyrim thought it was a khajiit scam

  6. “I’ve been using this shipping company for the past 5 years… but the only way I can pay them is to drive 3 hours to a Wal-Mart and send them a Moneygram.”


  7. ochisiepa says:

    Money gram and western union is irreversible I think. Mostly used for international payment systems. The scammer most likely in Nigeria. Ignore, report and block. There’s so much of these scums on eBay and Facebook marketplace. Either sell locally in person and in cash or use the site’s payment system. If you’re lured out of the platform it’s your loss.

  8. Dean_Forrester says:

    how does this scam work? i mean if he pays via paypal in advance how could the seller lose his money?

    i’d understand the fake check method as the money is deposited and then retracted when the check blows but a transfer via paypal should be safe, right?

  9. thrillhouse1211 says:

    The dude said taskwork lol.

  10. I wish payment apps like PayPal and cash app put 48 hours hold on international transfer and text message app be banned all scammer problems get solved

  11. Shanester951 says:

    You might want to remove your phone number so you don’t get Trolls who like to pull pranks signing you up for shitloads of texts. Just trying to look out for you.

  12. paradach5 says:

    What got me was the “we will smile at the end” remark. I’m sure this scammer would smile and laugh all the way home after making $1000 with little to no effort.

    Glad you caught the scam and didn’t get taken.

  13. Thephilosopherkmh says:

    Of course it’s a scam. Too bad you sent him your info but glad you didn’t give him any banking info. The second anyone mentions “their shipping company” you should think it’s a scam. When they want you to pay for something, it’s definitely a scam.

  14. notacatunfortunately says:

    I know this is completely beside the point, but what was wrong with the mattress that you’re taking a $1000+ hit on it?

    Edit: I can’t spell ‘completely’

  15. Hot_Aside_4637 says:

    “Argo Shipping” – all I could think of was “Ar go f**k yourself” from the movie Argo.

  16. PfefferUndSalz says:

    Small detail, but Canadians don’t say “I’m from Calgary Alberta”, because everyone in Canada already knows where Calgary is.

  17. alldayidreamer says:

    Where are you even located where Walmart is 3 hrs away…

  18. ultragashinferno666 says:

    Should have wasted his time by telling him to send the money

  19. MidniteProph says:

    I’m from Calgary. I feel extra offended by Gary. And who uses the term “taskwork”?

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