Legit or scam?

Legit or scam?

The content was posted by True-Mountain3473 on 2021-10-04 13:47:47 via reddit

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  1. TheRealMisterMemer says:

    It’s from Spotify’s email address, but formatting looks kind of weird and it seems too good to be true. You should contact Spotify customer support about this.

  2. raspygrrl says:

    Honestly I’ve done research projects for other companies with similarly generous compensation and the emails usually look like this. There’s some technical stuff in the email headers that would give you a better idea as to whether it’s legit or not if you know what to look for but I’d probably just reach out to Spotify directly.

  3. frostrambler says:

    Funny enough, this looks real to me – surveys like these do sometimes pay since this is an extended time commitment – 240 is on the high end but not unrealistic. Examine the link the button takes you to.

  4. to_walk_upon_a_dream says:

    It definitely looks real, but the lack of detail and the big button are suspicious. I would do a search online to see if it seems that Spotify is doing a survey like this. My guess is that they aren’t, and that this is a scam

  5. EndangeredPootis says:

    Hover over the green button, whats the URL?

  6. OrganicToes says:

    Press the “see security details” button about the email security info. Check if it’s been sent and signed by *.spotify.com. Easiest way to check if it’s spoofed on Gmail. Also you could check the link address without opening it (hover or copy into notes)

    E: try it on desktop i think on iOS it doesn’t tell you.

  7. Legit! I’ve been part of these studies before as well. They’ll send you an NDA before the call too

  8. I didn’t even hear them giving free 1 month of service. I would automatically doubt if they are willing to give that amount.

  9. TurloIsOK says:

    Looks more legit than not. UX research typically uses groups of 20ish people for user testing. A $5,000 cost for enticing participants is a small investment that could save 100s of thousands in other development-based testing. It seems like a lot to you, but the reluctance of potential participants has driven up enticement amounts.

    The survey should only consist of some demographic and usage related questions. If you are a fit, they will respond with more information and an NDA. Payment may be in the form of a real paper check, if you prefer. You could become a member of a pool for future compensated tests.

  10. AnArChIsTGaMeR101 says:

    Receive 240$ for just taking a survey? That itself sounds sus. Did you try copy pasting the link onto notepad?

  11. mahid5000 says:

    Hit reply and see what the email address is. If it’s actually @spotify.com then it’s most likely legit

  12. hacking_ipod says:

    It looks very convincing but you should really trying maybe contacting spotify

  13. thungalope says:

    I think this might be real. Just use a link checker first with whatever’s behind that button. As a ux researcher I gotta say this sounds like something we would send.

  14. tristanbrotherton says:

    It’s real. Research is often organised using third party tools that may not format an email exactly. What’s the con?!

  15. Are you a native english speaker, living in an english speaking country? Spotify uses your usage language when emailing.

    Grammar seems sketchy in several areas.

    What is on the bottom of the email? Spotify includes a footer with legal information and recipient info.

    Are you a spotify user?

  16. kmill8701 says:

    I got it as well. Just submitted my info, and appears legit.

  17. Just looking at the first sentence makes me think this is fake. The wording is all off. It’s possible to spoof an email. I’d forward it to Spotify and ask them if this is legit to get your answer. But it looks fake to me.

  18. jhowellxo says:

    Something seems off about this.. I can’t place my finger on what it is exactly however..

  19. FieldOfFox says:

    Email is TLS signed, it is real. But it’ll still be some terrible third party of behalf of Spotify, who are basically bribing you to take a 5 minute survey.

    Just leave it.

  20. PullMyFinger4Fun says:

    I think it’s a set up.

  21. AltLawyer says:

    Hit learn more under the cert, does it give any more info about this email or just a generic “what’s a tls” page? Seems legit to me. Hover over the link and see where it goes

  22. I’ve done online focus groups before however not for a big company like Spotify and not for as much money. The max I’ve made was $150 for 40min. Mind you it’s Australian dollars too. The format of the email looks similar and I’d contact Spotify for confirmation before proceeding. You’d have to contact their marketing team or whoever is doing the webinar.

  23. osimmons70 says:

    I did a cat study where they monitor my cats behavior everyday for 28 days and was paid $500 via a prepaid visa card. 5 min daily max answering questions sent via a daily diary.

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