LinkedIn Mentor Scam?

So I got messages from a guy on LinkedIn that started out normal, but then it shifted to him being disinterested with corporate America and riding something his job out for 3 years before having the option to abandon it. I’m obviously interested in it and played along because who likes working right.

He was saying his “buddy’s dad” took him on as a mentee and that it was about mindset and what you think that determines where you go. I asked him a bit about how he was making assets in his downtime but he didn’t give much info.

I was on a call with him today and he kept talking about leaving behind a legacy and stuff and trying to make it emotional I presume. He left me off telling me to read “The Cash Flow Quadrant” by Kiyosaki and get back to him and that he couldn’t guarantee anything which I assume is being mentored by his “buddies dad”.


It obviously seems like a good opportunity to anyone that you won’t have to work after a few years. It definitely feels like a scam to me and I have that feeling it’s not right, but I just wanted to see what you guys think. I feel like if they were looking for money they’d bring it up during the call but he explicitly stated his buddys dad didn’t ask for a nickel. Maybe he just wants me to commit more before he starts scamming me? He was asking me questions along the way, but mostly talked about himself during the call and messages. Let me know what you think, thanks.

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  1. joeyGibson says:

    He’s trying to recruit you into Amway. You want no part of that. Head over to r/AntiMLM for more details.

  2. It could be a lead up to a multi-level marketing scheme (MLM) such as Amway or something to do with crypto currency investments or passive income. If I had to bet money on it I’d probably lean toward the MLM/pyramid scheme though. They often do that whole, ‘I want to mentor you so that you can retire early’ thing but all they really want is for you to become their downline (essentially joining the pyramid scheme so that they can make money off of you).

  3. cgknight1 says:

    The next bit of this MLM scam is generally to start giving you a lot of heavy criticism if you do not come onboard.

    You will also be put under pressure to make quick bad decisions.

    Sign nothing and for God sake do not agree to attend any events

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