linkedin scam? should I give this person my whatsapp?

linkedin scam? should I give this person my whatsapp?

The content was posted by astropigeon69 on 2021-10-08 15:18:31 via reddit

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  1. TooMuchPizza393 says:

    Don’t give them any information and block. Vague poorly written descriptions like this are nearly always scams. A genuine business would almost always identify themselves and what they’re doing to see if you are even interested or qualified etc before getting managers involved.

  2. astropigeon69 says:

    Thanks guys, will not be giving my info!

  3. astropigeon69 says:

    For some context I live in the US and am looking for work. This person on LinkedIn reached out to me and they are located in Belgrade serbia. I don’t have a good feeling about it but yeah. He also doesn’t have any posts or anything and has 292 connections.

  4. Vodka69AllNight says:

    Probably going to collect your personal info to steal, or ask you to pay an application fee

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