LinkedIn Scams

I’ve reported several phishing scams that I’ve gotten in my LinkedIn inbox and they keep sending me follow ups saying that these messages are fine. They are very clearly scams. The one I reported today guaranteed me any certification I want and asked for some personal data. Has anyone else noticed this? I find it strange that LinkedIn doesn’t seem to care about this stuff. The whole platform is becoming a cesspool of scammers lately…

The content was posted by entropykat on 2021-11-10 14:04:35 via reddit

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  1. Just like FB and IG, no matter how much you reported them, they’ll just keep saying that it is not a scammer.

  2. aliasbane says:

    I deactivated my linked in last week and stopped looking on indeed. Applied for state Medicaid to take care if my mental health. Struggle to work ain’t worth a paycheck

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