Lol at these obvious scam bot dating profiles

Lol at these obvious scam bot dating profiles

The content was posted by vrphotosguy55 on 2021-11-08 15:20:18 via reddit

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  1. antisha_9 says:

    Damn she can hit a freekick!

  2. So her name is ….. on man’s voice? lmao

  3. Yeah, she looks like a Roberto, haha!

  4. jessicabestgirl says:

    Better name would have been Todd ali Notascammer

  5. Philboyd_Studge says:

    She seems a little stiff to me.

  6. Nah, someone just gave their sex doll a man’s name and then made it a dating profile.

    (It’s not just me right? I’m getting some serious uncanny valley vibes from this pic…)

  7. et842rhhs says:

    I knew she was a Roberto before I even read it! Some girls, you just know they’re Suzie’s or Deborah’s when you meet them. She has the look of a Roberto for sure!

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