Love Target Circle!!! All of this for $18.34! Used pick up so no temptation for …

Love Target Circle!!! All of this for $18.34! Used pick up so no temptation for any other spending.

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  1. peetratspeetrat says:

    Seems like a decent amount of food, was it through the app?

  2. BostonChops978 says:

    Does circle make it cheaper?

  3. mousie1312 says:

    What. Even. Is. America.

    I spent $25 just to look at this photo in Canada.

  4. miloqueen says:

    This might be a dumb question, but I have never done Target pickup before. If I want to do a pickup for a haul similar to yours and not get it before tomorrow afternoon , should I wait until 2 hrs from when I want to pickup to place the order or just put it in tonight while I’m thinking about it? It doesn’t have the time selection so not sure…

    Also thank you for posting this because frozen wings are waay cheaper at Target than Walmart right now.

  5. VisualStyle383 says:

    Sweet. Thank you for sharing this information.

  6. HeroesRiseHeroesFall says:

    What is target circle? I mean I have the app and account. Tried to use it before with app sales/ discount/ coupons but i find the items more expensive than other store. Am I missing something? Do you use non app coupons?

  7. o0joshua0o says:

    I wish I could get an invite code for this.

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  9. beautysaidwhat says:

    That’s cool!!

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