Mail from China — Anyone seen this before?

Recently we’ve started receiving customs-cleared small packages from China from a “Ding Dong Feng”, 3 so far containing small accessories like a headband and a small necklace. The outside of the package has a “Bluelans” logo on it.

I looked up the company and Bluelans apparently is a Chinese scam website that has great looking pictures on their online store, but once ordered you find that the items are awful quality and don’t look like the pictures. As far as I’m aware, I haven’t paid for these, does anyone have any idea why I’m receiving these and if it’s a scam of some sort?

I found someone else in a [similar situation too.](


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  1. Creditcard thiefs often purchase small and cheap items to see if the creditcard is still ”live”.

    checky your statements! 🙂

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