Mashing the Video Call button to piss off Snapchat scammers is pretty fun

Mashing the Video Call button to piss off Snapchat scammers is pretty fun

The content was posted by fates4productions on 2021-11-09 01:41:06 via reddit

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  1. mintberrycrunch1176 says:

    “How horrible of you baby!”
    “Hi baby, just sign up here!”

  2. You are a terrible person.

    Look at that broken-hearted bot!

  3. Lmao this is great

    Even better touch is that you mentioned you were a minor

  4. PastorStonks says:

    “Just confirm your email.” Fates… that was Fanny the Robinhood PFOF bot. You had one fucking job.

  5. AsigotFinn says:

    Link goes to a url shortening site that then goes to a scammy site called []( and tries to ID you then attach malware with lots of shitty adverts etc because of course it is (note no i didn’t go there using a web browser I used wget -r via tor)

  6. Little_Internet_9022 says:

    “are u mad?”

    “please look at my pussy” this should get animated by joel I’m telling you.

  7. itsjustchad says:

    The, “Did I win?” at the end was the best!

  8. if you’re a real sex man

  9. 13_0_0_0_0 says:

    “Baby, you see, I bother my fingertips with my own finger.”

    It’s like a zen koan.

  10. Ellas-Baap says:

    Is murdering a bot legal???

  11. KnightTamer26 says:

    Well played mate. Gonna have to steal this one when the next wave of bots hits my area

  12. Y’all are both pretty stubborn.

  13. The grammar in that bot is horrible … and a dead giveaway for where this scammer is located lmao.

  14. More fitting into r/scambait

  15. titaniumtux7 says:

    I love the minor trick

  16. AnArChIsTGaMeR101 says:

    You should go *mush mush mush* instead haha but a long bait well played 👏👏

  17. diverareyouok says:

    >*unless you buy me a beer first*

    LOL. Also, I’m a little blown away by the amount of effort that went into this on your part… How many times did you try calling? Like 150?

  18. You have way more patience than I do!

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