May have gotten scammed online, now I want my money back

Hey everyone, so about a week ago I was looking to buy a PS4 console on a few sites and apps. Now due to this whole pandemic, it’s been getting increasingly difficult to find one at stores for a reasonable price. I ended up finding a PS4 Pro on this app called OfferUp with some games, a headset, and all the cables for $110 + $15 shipping. Looking back, I should have looked passed it since the price was too good to be true. I messaged the lady who was selling it and requested that we talk through WhatsApp for some reason. I insisted that we keep chatting through the app instead so that way the transaction could be more secure. That was the first red flag. I ended up contacting her through WhatsApp. She kept asking me if I could afford the $15 shipping and I kept saying yeah I can. I sent her 130 bucks through CashApp, as that was the total, shipping included. I sent her my email and address for the package. She said she would head to the post office the next day to send it. After this is where it starts getting weird. The next day she messaged me saying that she was at the post office, with a picture and everything. She then told me that the payment didn’t go through to her bank and that they had put it on hold (I forgot to mention that it seems like English isn’t her first language and it was very hard to understand her). I told her I didn’t understand what she meant, as when you send someone money through CashApp, they accept the payment and can transfer it to their account from there. She said she was on the phone with her bank and that she would resolve it quickly. After a bit, she asked for my email again and for my ID for verification. She said she had used her ID for confirmation, whatever that means, but I didn’t send her mine as I was becoming a little paranoid. I kept asking her if she had already taken the PS4 into the post office so she could send it, but she kept saying that the payment was still on hold. She then said the shipping prices went up in her town for some reason (she says due to the pandemic) and that I had to pay an additional $70 for shipping. Then she suggested I send her another $130 so she could refund me the first payment $130 after it was cleared. At this point I was desperate and I wanted my PS4, so I ended up sending her another 130 thinking that she would refund me the first payment afterwards. She told me that she would create the tracking number and that she would send it to me. A day passed and I got the tracking number, I looked it up and it said a label was created, but it wasn’t in the system. I asked her if she had sent the package, and she said she had and that it should have shipped by now. I then checked the USPS tracking app again and it was still the same. Then I got an email from a “USPS agent” saying that the item had been shipped. This email was really weird, it didn’t look professional at all, the grammar and spelling was really weird. That’s when I thought that this lady must have sent this to me. I then confronted her about it and she said she didn’t know who sent it or what. I kept asking her if she had sent my item and if she could refund me that first payment. She said she was still “talking to the bank”. I’ve been trying to message her asking for a full refund of both payments plus the $70 shipping, but she hasn’t gotten back to me. I also sent a complaint to OfferUp support. They got back to me saying that they’ve looked into it. I’ve been checking the USPS app for updates on my package, but I’m pretty sure that she didn’t even send it. I know I should’ve been more level headed and seen through all the red flags, but I just wanted a PS4 and wasn’t thinking straight. If any of you guys can help in any way, that would be great. I have screenshots of the payments made, the item in question, and of the chat just in case. I’ve been trying to contact CashApp, but to no avail.

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