Maybe scammed?

So a wrong package arrived at my door today, that was sorted out it was someone else in my apartment building. However before figuring that out I called am Amazon support line but I think I accidentally called a scam one. Before getting suspicious I gave up my phone number, email, and billing address. There’s no payment methods on my Amazon account (there is a package on route), but could they access other things of mine with this info? And if so can I do anything quickly to help myself? Sorry if it’s a dumb question I’m just a bit panicky and feeling dumb lol.

The content was posted by Frequent-Avocado2599 on 2021-11-10 03:25:02 via reddit

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  1. VegasOldPerv says:

    No. What you gave them is readily available to anyone that cares to look for it.

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