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I was checking to see if there was any available Ps5’s here in Canada. So I used the site and the first two things that showed for availability was from this site while everything else was showing out of stock. The excitement of finally getting my hands on a ps5 got the better of me and I went to the website that really really looked legit and believe me as a 22 year old I make sure to stay away from scams. So I went to make the transaction but I never received a confirmation email of the order going through and it said status processing. So after freaking out getting yelled at by my mother and then her calmly asking me about it she asked me how I paid for the ps5 and I said debit. At first she lost it saying the scammers can get access to all of my bank info and then when I showed her the transaction page it said I paid with credit. So my mom was relieved and telling me that it most likely will not go through cause I used debit when they asked for my credit on this site but that she’s going to keep check and monitoring my banking info to see if the payment did go through to notify the bank. Lesson learned from this is to do your research on any website so you’re not going into a scam with your wallet already out. The irony is that my mother works for the tax department of the Canadian government so seeing how I fell for an online scam made her lose it on me. I try to be smart with money and what I buy in stores and online but the excitement of getting a ps5 almost got the better of me.

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  2. Actually, a debit card can be processed as a credit card pretty much anywhere. The exception to this would be a card that does not have a visa or MasterCard symbol on it- these are sometimes referred to as ATM cards are are very uncommon. It does not matter that the transaction said credit, if your card has a visa or MasterCard symbol or has a security code on the back (usually a three digit number) then it will go through anyways. Furthermore, if the site is fake then it’s was more likely to have been used just to collect your information. You likely entered the billing address when you placed the order and that’s pretty much all the scammer needs to go on and use your card for any number of online and in person transactions (a new fake card can easily be made with simple tools) You need to contact your bank ASAP and be sure to stop any transaction and cancel that card. Scammers would not have your bank account information, just the card info so replacing your card should be enough.

    Sorry this happened to you.

    Edit to add: I looked it up and yes this site is 100% a scam. It was just created on May 22nd. So you need to call the bank first thing. There will be no item coming which is why your account hasn’t shown any information. Even if your card doesn’t have the visa/MasterCard symbol, scammers will simply use a machine and create themselves a replica of your card where they will then start hitting ATM machines and going to stores until they drain your account. You need to jump on the quickly.

  3. I got all my info still from them I did same thing but kept my conversations and had them emailed to me I got no tracking info I was told it was shipping with In Two days Monday it was coming from Toronto the transaction came up as MediaMarkt on my account did anyone successfully get anything from the site

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