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Hi, I’ve been looking for music jobs or internships and I found this website offering what i need but I’m not sure if its real or just a scam to steal money from people like me. Here is a website link:


If anyone can help in any way that would be great, thanks.

The content was posted by BeanBricks on 2021-10-07 12:29:29 via reddit

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  1. LikelyWriting says:

    Website has coding errors. Aside from that if you look up the website, owners information has been redacted. It says they are also prohibited from updating and renewing their website. That let’s me know someone has complained about the website already. So yes. It’s a scam.

  2. likeness2 says:

    The website is slicker than typical straight-up scam sites and some of the stuff that LikelyWriting is calling out isn’t actually a red flag, but just because it might be a real program doesn’t mean that it’s worth it to pay to sign up. It’s probably not the career-changer it markets itself as, and the “internship” might not be with a major company, you might be fetching coffee instead of editing music, etc.

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