Moneygram scam? Do they have my info now?

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and hopefully this fits within the guide lines. If you think I could post this anywhere else, please lead me that way!

So basically my roommate has been frantic lately. He’s been acting funny and asking me for money. Since I trust him, I let him borrow it. He’s paid me back before so I saw no issue with this. He claimed it was for “family matters”. Eventually he asked me if I could go with him to the store and money gram the $ to family members in the Philippines. Again, I saw no red flags with this because since he’s from the Philippines. I happily helped him out and sent the money gram for him.

Long story short, he’s admitted to me that the reason he needed to do it was because he fell for a sexual extortion scam online. He’s figuring out how to solve the issue, but I was wondering, will the receiver possibly be able to now have my information from sending the money gram? I do not want get involved in this persons scam and just want to make sure I am okay. I have searched google but there are no clear answers. Really I would just like to make sure my identity and address are not exposed.

Any info is appreciated, thank you all!

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  1. Tell your friend not to pay these people because they won’t do anything and just keep asking for money. Report the profile doing the extortion if it’s relevant, then block and ignore them.

  2. I think they now know your name, but it doesn’t matter. If you receive any random contact attempts, just ignore them.

  3. >He’s figuring out how to solve the issue

    The only way for him to “solve” the issue is to ghost the blackmail scammer.

    >will the receiver possibly be able to now have my information from sending the money gram?

    Any money sent to anyone by MoneyGram is gone. It cannot be traced nor recovered. The scammer cannot do anything with any information related to the transfer of money by MoneyGram (other than pick up the transferred money).

  4. The more he sends, the more they will ask for more money. If he refuses, they threaten him but their real goal is to get money from victims. Have him block them, delete his accounts, not answer the phone for any reason for a while, and to ignore threats from them, if they figure out his number. Tell him scammers do this for a living, finding victims every day. Tell him not to ever send nude photos, and any girl who gets friendly and starts taking her clothes off, tell him to shut his camera and leave the conversation. He is about to get scammed again at some point. Also tell him never to give any personal information to someone online, like his job location, as scammers use that later on to scare him, like saying they are going to call his job if he does not pay them. Delete and ignore the scammers.

  5. Update on the situation (sorry it has been so long). Like many of you said, they asked for money again. After telling my friend to just block them and not worry about it, he did. This was about 2 months ago and he has not received any more threats, and nothing has been sent to his friends/family.

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