More than 80 people scammed by fake game store.

[EDIT] We are now 182 people.


So to start this first I need to let you know a few things, first that Nintendo is not officially in Brazil (my country), so all fans and gamers are left on the hands of importers and the grey market. We don’t have official stores selling the games or any support. There are only a few sellers that sell Nintendo games here and they are usually pretty expensive. And, if you don’t know, this week is the launch of the new Pok√©mon game for the Nintendo Switch.

Anyway, in July this seller showed up with an online store with pre-orders for the new Pokemon game, including the special edition and some other Nintendo games (with special editions too) – all very magical for a Nintendo fan. And their price was, not cheap, but cheaper than other sellers. He say that he ‘knew someone’.

He made a partnership with a Nintendo fan page on fb to promote him and sold a few games, the people received those games so everyone on the Nintendo fan group on FB jumped in and pre-ordered the Pokemon game and Switch consoles.

But this week – launch week of the game – the guy vanished.

We got everyone together on a chat group to gather every information that we could… Here’s what we got…


– The store website, []( – was registered on July 18.

– The seller’s profile (Lucas) on FB was active until ’13 then stopped then went back active on July ’18.

– The store is registered under another guy’s name – Luiggi.

– Luiggi used to own a Pokemon fan shop on ’16 and scammed other people back them. He asked them for forgiveness, said that he was messed up because of his husband’s death. To another girl he said that his husband left him for a younger guy. (we have screenshots from this conversation)

– Luiggi said that he ‘sold’ the store to Lucas that them changed the name.

– Luiggi deleted his FB profile last week, before everything went down.

– Lucas phone is on voicemail and he’s not answering any message on fb or whatsapp. Luiggi said that he’s travelling.

– Lucas promised to deliver the games this week on a location that would be informed to everyone ‘soon’.

– Lucas profile doesn’t have any kind of relationships. It doesn’t have likes or comments from friends/family on any of the two pictures.

– The store sent fake invoices to 2 buyers (in Brazil we can check the invoices on the government website, they’re fake and both have the same serial number).

– Only a few purchases were made before all the Pokemon pre-orders (only two are on our group) both were bought and sent by another store.

– We have Luiggi’s social’s security number, his mother’s name and fb profile. But Lucas is a ghost, we only got 2 photos and a (probably disposable) number.

– The fb pages that promoted his store are vouching for Lucas saying that he is real.

– The store and website have 3 different addresses – all seems fake.

– The store was using MercadoPago (like PayPal) that protects for 30 days, most of the buyers made the pre-order two months ago or more. We are trying to contact them and the credit cards.

– The estimated lost is $50k




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