Most Dollar Tree items will be more than $1 in 2022

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This sucks šŸ˜”

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  1. Jus10_Fishing says:

    Does this require a name change?

  2. greciamarzz says:

    Mine changed their prices last month to $1.10 and the one a couple towns over is $1.50 according to my cashier ā˜¹ļø

  3. ontarioparent says:

    Needs to be. Iā€™d rather have a value store than garbage store.

  4. onlineslavegirl says:

    Thats a bummer, I was just thinking that dollar tree was the last business to outlast inflation. I know a lot of their items are junk, but there’s a few things I go there for: birthday cards, balloons, gift wrap, candy and snacks for the movies, batteries, nail polish remover, tupperware etc.

  5. I hate shopping at dollar tree. It feels like a waste of money on cheaply made junk.

  6. HoboHaxor says:

    I can’t believe they held out this long. Its been, what, over a decade?

    (I’m only disgruntled over the new math of shopping there.:) )

  7. roadrunnersk says:

    The percentage increase is what’s astonishing. 25% in **one year**.

  8. krba201076 says:

    I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach when I went in the store and saw everything was now 1.25. Realistically, it is not a big deal. But I am cheap.

  9. PenguinWithaMustache says:

    Yeah this has already started to happen where I am. Most of the snacks have been pushed to $1.25 even the boxes of candy

  10. dogs-books-chocolate says:

    My dollar tree already has a lot of $3 and $5 items. šŸ˜•

  11. Acolyte_of_Death says:

    I buy a lot of stuff at dollar tree. Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, face wipes, snacks, bleach, furniture polish, windex, and a bunch of other stuff. If you don’t see the utility of dollar tree you aren’t really that frugal.

  12. Ugh. Not surprising though

  13. cholley_doo says:

    is that newsworthy ?

  14. Mes_Aynak says:

    yea that’s what happens with inflation….

  15. neilbreenisagenius says:

    If the quality improves and the variety returns, as the Dollar Tree executives seem to indicate, this will probably be a good thing. I am a teacher and the Dollar Tree was once my default choice for mid-season supplies for impoverished students. The store’s decline has been dramatic over the past few decades. If an extra quarter means better markers and the return of composition notebooks, I support their decision. There literally is no other store than has been able to keep prices so stable for so long.

  16. BoogieRokkaku says:

    I shop at a “99cents” store and most things are well over a dollaer

  17. RedditBurner_5225 says:

    Lol of course it will be.

  18. User_492006 says:

    Well Dollar Tree, it was fun while it lasted.

  19. dogs-books-chocolate says:

    My dollar tree already has a lot of $3 and $5 items. šŸ˜•

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