moving cross country – can you use one of those fedex flat rate LTL boxes?

I just noticed that fedex now has a LTL flat-rate box ([]( . I think I can fit everything I need into the smaller box so this would be a very promising option for me to ship my belongings across the country for a reasonable price (I am going to drive anything super important in my car). Is this a service a non-business can use? If so, anyone try it and how does it work? Could I essentially just drive my stuff to the nearest fedex freight center, put it all in the box there and have them ship? Thanks for your help

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  1. greenbabyshit says:

    >Please note that the FedEx Freight box for LTL shipments requires a separate account and is priced differently. For help signing up, contact your FedEx account rep. You can order boxes through them once you’ve signed up for freight box rates.

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