Mules9 and Teechip poster scams

I recently have been exposed to a barrage of adverts on Facebook for posters. I bought a Studio Ghibli poster from being advertised by a facebook page impersonating Studio Ghibli and I have also bought a Bladerunner poster from mules9 (

Both posters were absolute trash quality, almost certainly stolen artwork, and these companies are obviously not legit. I’ve trained to get refunds from both by emailing them (obviously impossible to actually communicate with them since they make it as hard as possible) and I have no idea where these businesses are based.

I’m making this poster as a warning for anyone, there are hundreds of online stores doing this right now and DO NOT BUY any posters from random facebook advertisements or non-established stores online.

Do not buy from mules9 or teechip.

The content was posted by RedThragtusk on 2017-11-24 04:37:22 via reddit

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  1. This post should be stickied. There are millions of little fake shops online with random names like that that are basically scam websites, and every day people post here asking if they are legit even though they are selling stuff at 10% of its normal price and look really sketchy.

  2. I too got scammed by a Teechip poster. I paid via PayPal, and sent the complaint to them. Ended up with a 99% refund.

  3. Yeah, I think when I tried to complain to TeeChip, the “customer service” page was always down, or I encountered an error ever time I tried to submit my claim. Infuriating.

  4. I bought a sweatshirt from Teechip once. Thankfully I got it and it was the right size and everything. But believe me I was very nervous about whether I’d ever get it in the mail or not. Because I read, after I placed the order, about how they’re considered a scam site. I think I just got lucky.

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