Munchkin Kitten Scam

Almost fell for a scam this week due to being in an emotionally vulnerable place. Normally the red flags would have popped up but sometimes you just want something to be true. Our family was looking for a kitten after our elderly cat passed and my wife had always wanted a munchkin kitten. We were willing to pay for one, found a site online that would do airline shipping for a reasonable price. Made contact with the seller, went through a few emails before suspicious brain kicked in and I asked for a current photo of the kitten with my email and the date on a paper in the pic. Contact was immediately cut off. Fortunately I never ended up paying anything but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s seen them, they show up second on the list when you google munchkin kitten breeder.


Checked the wayback machine, their “company” has had 3 names and lived in 4 different states since January this year. 100% a scam. Most things on it, on a more clear-headed examination, look copy-pasted from legit cat breeders *almost* convincingly. Almost.



The content was posted by VitisAuxerrois on 2021-11-19 05:09:33 via reddit

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  1. Comfortable-Carry563 says:

    The constant misspellings and horrible english give it away 100% that they are scammers

  2. littlemeowcat says:

    Why would you buy a cat? Adopt one instead. Do you know how many are euthanized every day?

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