My Aunt was scammed out of $1,500

I’m really upset with how this happened. My aunt had MS and is slightly handicapped and has lesions on her brain. She’s one of the sweetest souls in the world. She’s also someone who buys all the impulse ads you see when scrolling on social media’s like Facebook and Instagram that can be run by some shady companies. Well, one company never sent her her item, so she called for a refund. They ended up hacking into her email account and got ahold of so much of her information. She ended up on the phone with them still trying to get her refund and, you might see where this is going, they told her the new way to do refunds is through gift cards. They got my handicapped aunt to drive our of her way to target and buy $1500 in gift cards for them. And she did it. Later she told my mom that the man on the phone was soo nice and he knew so much information about her (because of the hacking) and was very personable so she just believed him. She didn’t know better and really thought this was how things were done these days. My uncle was suspicious when she was talking on the phone about going to buy gift cards. He was even trying to call her to turn around and come home before getting to the store, but she kept ignoring his calls because she was still on the phone with the scammers and didn’t want to “hang up on the nice man.” Guys, I’m so infuriated, nauseous, and upset. She’s the exact type of people these scammers prey on and they got her. I’m so sad I didn’t tell her sooner to be weary of online ads and related scams. I feel soo bad for her. Her husband is very upset with her and she feels embarrassed and ashamed. And now I’m worried about how much information was taken from these people from her accounts that were hacked, too. I wish I could help her. 💔

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  1. I’m so sorry this happened to your aunt. She’s the perfect target for these people: kind, eager to please, and vulnerable. Her husband is right to be upset; that’s a large amount of money for any person to lose. And your aunt is right to be upset over being taken advantage of and preyed upon.

    Your aunt may benefit from reading up/watching videos on common scams, so she can be more informed in the future. If this continues to be an issue down the line, her husband should consider any conservatorship or legal protections that can be put into place to protect her financially moving forward.

  2. She fell for the refund scam. It’s the worst you can do to someone to steal their money.

  3. Not much she can do now besides be wary of it in the future. Now that she was scammed once she is going to have a lot more people attempting to scam her in other ways.

  4. My grandpa, after his stroke, was victim to scammers. My mom was so upset, because my stingy cousin took him to the bank for these fraudulent check cashing. He did it, because my grandfather gave him some money each time. Worst part, my grandpa didn’t even want the money, but wanted to leave it to his family when he passed. They got him for a couple thousand. Disgusting how they prey on those that really are such good people.

    My mom was almost victim to gift card scam, by googling apples number and instead getting a scam site. Thankfully, my step father was home and overheard the convo, but had they asked for her to provide bank info, instead of going to Walgreens, she definitely would’ve been out money. I’m truly sorry this happened to your aunt.

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