My boyfriend is being scammed but he won’t listen to me (was told to post this here)

My boyfriend has an ex school friend who told him about this online “job” he could participate in, assuring him some of his other friends are also part of it and gaining from it.
It’s a bit complicated for me to explain as I’m not tech-savvy but I’ll try my best.
Basically this German guy has earned a lot through crypto and needs people from other countries to transfer his money. The pay should be 5% of the total sum.
It has to do with the guy depositing money into an N26 account and then sending it back to him while holding back that little percentage as compensation.
After following instructions, bf was sent 10 euros and told to send 5 to his friend’s fiancee’s account.
A few days pass and today he sees 400 euros in his account, the German guy instructed him to send it back to him and keep 20.

This whole thing sounds extremely shady to me and a lot like many other online scams I’ve read about. I’m getting paranoid over this and I pray that my boyfriend is not part of money laundering activities. He keeps assuring me that this is “Not that illegal” and that it’s legit but I do believe his friend took advantage of bf’s naivety.

UPDATE: [After reading all the helpful advice, my boyfriend u/LukasUnix has contacted N26 which will open an investigation. He’s going to the police station tomorrow. Thank you everyone!]

The content was posted by AggravatingCluster on 2021-11-09 12:47:22 via reddit

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  1. >Basically this German guy has earned a lot through crypto and needs people from other countries to transfer his money.

    That’s total bullshit.

    >A few days pass and today he sees 400 euros in his account.

    That’s likely fake money in a fake account. Just numbers on a screen.

    >Boyfriend says he’ll send the money back to the German guy

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Sending money to anyone anywhere would be bad, because it’s most likely that your boyfriend did not receive any real money, and that your boyfriend would end up sending his real money to the scammer.

    It’s hard to say given the information that you were able to provide, but given that you mentioned the word “crypto”, it could be some variation of the following type of scam…



    **Fake Investment Scams that use Fake Cryptocurrency Websites:**

    Fake cryptocurrency websites controlled by scammers are becoming more and more common. Sometimes the scam begins with a romance scammer who claims that they can help the victim invest in cryptocurrency. Victims are told to buy cryptocurrency of some kind using a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange, and then they are told to send their cryptocurrency to a website wallet address where it will be invested. Sometimes the scam begins with a notice that the victim won cryptocurrency, and it is in their account on a website. In either case, the scammer controls the website, so they make it look like there is money in the victim’s account on their website. Then the scammer (or the scammer pretending to be someone official who is associated with the website) tells the victim that they have to put more money into the website before they can get their money out of the website. Sometimes the scammer will let the victim “remove” some of their money from the website (actually it’s just the scammer sending some of the victim’s money back to the victim) as a way to make the website seem legitimate, before asking the victim to “reinvest” even more of their money. Of course all of the money sent by the victim has gone directly into the scammer’s personal wallet, and any additional money sent by the victim to retrieve their money from the website will also go directly into the scammer’s personal wallet, and all of the information about money being held by the website was totally fake.

    You can post the scammer’s wallet address here on r/scams.

    If the scammer used Bitcoin, then you can report the scammer’s Bitcoin wallet address here:

    If the scammer used Ethereum, then you can report the scammer’s Ethereum wallet address here:

    You can see how much cryptocurrency has been sent to the scammer’s wallet address here:

  2. thewindinthewillows says:

    >Basically this German guy has earned a lot through crypto and needs people from other countries to transfer his money.

    Germany has a functioning banking system with SEPA-wide bank transfers, direct debit, and all sorts of other functions. There is nothing a person could want to do here that would involve having to hire private people abroad to receive payments and send money back.

    If your boyfriend received actual money via bank transfer, then that money came from a stolen bank account and will be booked back.

    Any money your boyfriend sends (“back”) will go to the scammer, and as your boyfriend authorised the transaction he cannot get it back.

    How is he supposed to send that money? Bitcoin, bank transfers?

  3. Sahasranamam says:

    This is kind of money laundering and since your bf is taking a cut, he will be an accessory/accomplice.
    Source of money is most likely a theft or a scam.

    I’d advice to stop this as soon as possible. Instead of sending the 400 to the german guy, ask your bank to send it back to wherever it is from. So that he is not part of this scheme at all

    Edit: Added some clarification

  4. L0rdLogan says:

    Yes, it’s money laundering, it’s illegal

  5. tiffanylan says:

    Money laundering mule is not a job.

  6. Murxismus says:

    He is laundering stolen money.

  7. AggravatingCluster says:

    Posted an update if anyone’s is interested. We thank you all very much and hopefully the situation will end up fine 🙂

  8. hypermegaglobal says:

    This is a very common scam in Germany, only the involvement of cryptocurrencies is new. The money your boyfriend receives comes from other victims (e.g. from phishing or fake internet auctions/sales), and he is helping the criminals to transfer it. What he is doing is illegal (money laundering) and he can also be held civilly responsible by the victims. He should contact a lawyer as soon as possible and in no case touch the money. Search for „Finanzagent Betrug“ if you want to find out more.

  9. mechanical_banana says:

    **this is likely not a scam, your boyfriend is probably being used as a money mule**

    This is a criminal offence and could end up with him losing access to banking facilities or even a prison term.

    As others have said the best thing to do is to not touch the money at all, and tell the bank. They might still close the account, and depending on the country and rules there could be other smaller consequences but the best thing to do is to come clean. (In the UK the bank could ban your bf from accessing *any* bank’s services for 6 years)

  10. Great_Chairman_Mao says:

    Crowd sourcing money laundering. Why didn’t I think of that?

  11. Anyone who earne their money in crpyto is keeping in in crypto and doesnt need random internet strangers for help.

  12. ZenDendou says:

    Ahhh…shouldn’t touch it.

    It is part of the money laundering scam, but he is essentially a money mules. Those money may have been obtained fraudulently, and as long as there is money trail, your bf may be on the hook for it, especially if he is the end cap.

    Also, crypto is stable, but unreliable due to unknown values that is not fixed.

  13. sakotowski says:

    Even if the guy was really doing this, it’s illegal. It’s money laundering and tax evasion. Best case is it’s illegal. Worst case is that he will scam you for money.

  14. sadisticfreak says:

    Not that illegal is still illegal.

  15. Super_Charlie says:

    Here in the Netherlands they employ a similar trick in order to receive money from other scams, never heard the crypto story before so it might be different. They might be scamming other people and have them wire the money to your boyfriend, when these people find out they got scammed the police will come to him instead of the actual scammer.

  16. Kingken130 says:

    Tell him it’s a scam. Don’t send more money. Block those guys immediately. Then report to the police and make sure your bf is the victim of scamming. Remember, evidence is key to avoid getting the jail time

    I made this mistake once and I don’t want people to suffer from these crooks

  17. intromatt says:

    This is a scam. That’s it.

  18. darthfluffy66 says:

    Sounds like he is a drug dealer laundering money, thats if the money is even real

  19. deejay_harry1 says:

    Do they have his bank online access? If yes, it’s a mobile deposit scam .. don’t touch that money or send it to anyone , it will automatically disappear after some days, once the bank identifies the error..

  20. Kaspervdh says:

    Sounds like a money mule

  21. mugofwine says:

    I stopped reading at “crypto.” It’s a scam.

  22. Gammathetagal says:

    Just because you are young and tech savvy, many young people still fall for these scams and/ or money laundering schemes.
    These are well run scams and/ or money laundering operations.
    Young people who are tech savvy will still fall victim.
    Please reflect fully and dont let your ego/greed make you a victim.

  23. nickname432 says:

    Reminds me of a friend who told me that he found this super good used car deal. I was like: it’s a scam, don’t transfer them any money. He did transfer them the money. It was a scam. He lost 3000€ and never saw the money again.

    It was so hard to believe for me that he didn’t see it himself and chose not to listen. Some people are so gullible that they’ll inevitably get scammed and become bitter and cynical. Gosh. I wasn’t even sure in the end whether my friend or the scammer was more to blame. I mean, it was textbook scamming. The scam had a name.

    I hope your boyfriend will listen. There’s only so much you can do though.

  24. Another thing – I know that if you report such activity to the bank, they close the accounts. However, N26 doesn’t get involved at all. They also do very little to help even when asked.

  25. Read u/nimble2 ‘s post above.

  26. Odd-Pain-6229 says:

    No biggie as long as he only takes only small amount

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