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  1. epictetusdouglas says:

    Was going to buy a digital wall clock, they were $18 and up for what I wanted. Remembered I had an old moto e phone, put the Big Digital Clock app on it, and it does the job at no cost to me. Plus getting some use out of an old smartphone.

  2. epictetusdouglas says:

    Took just a few minutes to set up. I reset the phone to clear everything off of it and to allow Google Play Store to update and enable the installation of the free Big Digital Clock app. The phone had a rubberized case on it. I drove a flat top drywall screw through the back of the case and then put the phone back into the case on the wall. Plugged it in. Disconnected the wifi and set the clock to nightime mode so it wouldn’t be too bright for the room. Works great.

  3. FigureEast says:

    Is it not overheating? I’d be hesitant to leave an old phone plugged into a power source 24/7.

  4. zed654321 says:

    Omg this is exactly what I need in my car. My clock is messed up and this would be the perfect solution that works all day and night.

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