My friend is being scammed, how do I tell them?

My friend is being scammed, how do I tell them?

The content was posted by Old-Act3456 on 2021-10-05 17:05:46 via reddit

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  1. bluemoon_fp says:

    Call him/her. Most probably a phishing account or hacked account.

  2. SniffOfAnOilyRag says:

    More likely your friend has been hacked, you should contact them outside of these platforms and let them know their account is being used to post scams.

  3. I never trusted people online giving that kind of return. Why does this one sound like a pig-butchering scam?

    The money on his CashApp might have been stolen money so it’ll eventually disappear once they find it. And yeah, as stated above, there’s a big chance that his account got hacked.

  4. ochisiepa says:

    He’s being scammed. That money is gone.
    Alternatively it’s not him and the scammers have hacked his account and using it to woo others. Or he’s in for a cut. But if it’s really him and he’s not aware, tell him to try to withdraw only $500 he put into it and see. Infact let him try withdrawing just $100. That will wake him up from the slumber. He’s being fattened for a larger loss.

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