My mom accidentally gave out the last four digits of her SSN and I am paranoid.

So yesterday, my mom got a call from a scam number and she accidentally gave out those numbers and they were able to pull up her name and address. We called the ssa this morning and they told us there wasn’t any suspicious activity on her number. That calmed her down but as for me, I tend to overthink things way too much and I have been paranoid all day. She has no credit with banks or credit cards and she told me when she told them she had no bank info, they hung up on her. She does have ssi benefits and I’m worried they’re gonna get ahold of that…

I desperately need some peace of mind cause I’ve been pacing around my apartment all day constantly on the verge of throwing up.

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  1. Darcula12 says:

    It probably is a worthy expense to setup one of those id theft protection plans. Costs like 10$ a month

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