My mom fell for a phone scam.

‘AT&T’ called her to let her know that her account had 68 ‘spam issues’ so they were going to close it and she’s lose all of her data. They said they could help her if she pays a fee and gives her social security number, which she did. SMH She’s calling AmEx to report. What else can she do?

The content was posted by Impossible-Play-3722 on 2021-10-05 23:21:46 via reddit

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  1. Goflyakitescammers says:

    If she gave a debit or cc number, immediately cancel that card and get it replaced. And as already suggested. Freeze her credit.

  2. When-you-get-home says:

    Freeze all 3 credit reports immediately before they take loans out or do something awful.

  3. angedorable says:

    She should freeze her SSN with the credit bureaus so no one can open up new accounts with it.

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