My mother got scammed.

So this is what happened. One day one of our neighbors threatened my mother when she told them to stop coming on our property. Due to this, my mother got scared and started to call security companies to get a security system to be installed in our house. After this, I don’t know where they got the info that we are searching for a security system, a company called SMART4U showed up. This happened when I was not home. They straight up got my mother to sign a contract without me. BTW my mother’s English sucks, and due to her age, she has minor confusion in everything. I mean it’s obvious just talking to her, so they KNOW. Thus, she got stuck in a 3-year contract with a company that is just a dealer for another. This company is called counterforce. Both SMART4U and COUNTERFORCE are based in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. One day we got a bill for 310 dollars for a quarterly payment (so for 3 months). Our MMR (monthly rate) is $50.85 (with tax included) as promised and written on a contract. When we try to call SMART4U, they then told us they were just dealers, thus we have to contact COUNTERFORCE. I tried, I really did. We just got transferred again and again; about 2 hours of just stupid elevator music. So I tried again, the same thing happened. Then I emailed then they gave me a stupid price break down.

Your billing frequency is Quarterly.

Monitoring $144.00 $15.00

Tax 13% $20.67

**Total $179.67**

The first invoice was only for two months plus interest charge for late payment. We can waives this interest charge if you want to pay all your outstanding balance. In that case please feel free to email us and we will remove it and we will send you a new invoice. You can pay your bill online in our website:


**Best Regards**

**Dieudonne Shabani**

**Dealer Accounting**

Counterforce by SMC

A Carrier Company

5201 Explorer Drive

Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 4H1
Tel: (800) 591-7374, ext. 7702

Fax: (866) 420-2232

Mind you this is apparently separate from the actual security system. SO hidden costs are not written in the contract. If this was before COVID, I wouldn’t get so emotional, but due to COVID, my family had to actually put our house for sale since we can’t afford it any longer. We lost a lot. But this, in the end, isn’t about the money, it’s the fact that some random salesman came into our house, scammed my mother, and just left. This pissed me off. But, I don’t know what to do, so any advice is appreciated.

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  1. superiweuh says:

    I’m so sorry to hear what happened. Have you contact to your bank to prevent them take any money from your account?

  2. 97Edgewood says:

    Do you have a local television station that features local investigative reporting? Mine fairly frequently reports on shady/scammy local businesses. Perhaps they would be interested in a story about how this business operates. If you could find some other local people who were also victimized, that might help.

    >some random salesman came into our house, scammed my mother, and just left.

    I don’t blame you for being infuriated. Sometimes I wonder about the sort of people who get into this kind of sales work. They have to know they are cutting all sorts of ethical corners, to put it mildly.

    So, after spending a day pressuring people to buy products or services by deceiving them, do they feel pleased with themselves for bamboozling people? Do they rationalize it’s okay, because people who are suckers deserve to be taken advantage of? Or have they learned simply to not think about the morality of what they do?

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