My scam story.

Hello! This story is 8 or 9 years old (2013-2014). And it involves me (f18 at the time) and my husband m25 at the time). Please keep in mind, my husband knew about the internet since 1999, emails and chat rooms and all that jazz, and i learned about the internet in that same year (2013). I can safely say we were both idiots when it came to the big world of the REAL DEEP internet.

1. My husband joined Facebook, and so did i, we started having fun and adding strangers (again, idiots). One day, he saw that his “friend” has liked and commented on a picture for a competition that was being held by a princess from UAE (i am not joking), she said (the more you like and comment, the more your chance of winning up to 1000 plates of gold). My husband went mental, he kept commenting, liking, sharing, almost begging her in the comments. Mind you, we didn’t even know how to distinguish a fake profile/page from a real one, we didn’t even think that her pictures are fake, for God’s sake, i didn’t even know you can “google” things to authenticate them.

Husband slid into her DMs, asked her to help him, told her we were broke, refugees, no furniture, and we wanted as much help as we can, he begged and texted and prayed for her, and we were confident she will not answer because she had 1000s of ppl commenting on her page. BUT, she did answer, and OMG was that more exciting that our wedding day. She told him how she appreciated his patience, and that she read his comments, and she understood where he is coming from, and she is going to choose him as a winner.

BUT, but but but, he needs to help her first, she is in contact with this family in Lebanon, they originated from Syria, they just fled from the war, and they are in desperate need of money (didn’t even occur to us why she didn’t help), my husband and the good person in him said (i know what it is like to live a shitty life, i will absolutely help), he came to me, told me it is for the sake of God, and who knows, maybe the princess will send us a portion of the gold (that was the agreement later because she said she wanted to split the gold on multiple people) and that will definitely help us buy a house and a car (we lived in Turkey, shit used to be so cheap). I accepted, told him we can take our savings and use it because it is for a noble cause. Husband took our 3500$ (i know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but we lived off 300$ a month, and we had a daughter, rent, bills, so when i say this was basically our life savings, i am not exaggerating). And sent it to the family in Lebanon through western union. And then he sent the receipt to the princess. She thanked him, told him he did a good deed. Then poof, disappeared the next day. All the chats, pictures, the freaking page itself, just gone.
Me and my husband were so confused, and I kid you not, we just thought (oh, she was probably sending people a lot of gifts, facebook had to shut her down), and we fully believed this until few years ago, when i actually have spend time on the internet, went to the deep rabbit holes, learned about all the good/bad/evil in this world, that’s when I NOT HIM realized (oh shit, that was a scam)., and I went and told him, and he just sat there, so confused, and kept saying (how can i be so stupid, this is ridiculous, the more you explain, the more i hate myself).

So yeah, we definitely learned our lesson, i have succeeded in helping a friend not lose 200€ more (she already lost 75€), and i have been able to recognize scans, spams, fake emails, accounts, ads, and all of that.

I have another story, that happened the following year (i told you, those 2 years we were complete and utter idiots). If you wanna hear it. Let me know.

Stay,safe out there. Bye.

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  1. 97Edgewood says:

    It’s amazing, isn’t it, how somehow totally unbelievable stuff (UAE princess? 1000 plates of gold?) can take on a life of its own and seem real. I suspect there is a psychological process going on with some scams, where once you become a character in whatever story is being told (“the princess has chosen YOU”) your brain wants to believe so strongly that it rejects all information that should tell you it HAS to be a ridiculous scam.

    Anyway, it’s wonderful that you managed to eventually understand how you were duped, and good for you for looking out for vulnerable friends.

    I for one would like to hear about the other scam you were involved with. There is something fascinating about stories of how people got conned into believing the unbelievable.

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