Never Never Never answer those “How did you like our service” questionnaires

Say for example you visit a doctor for some procedure. Things go okay, and when you get home, you receive an email asking you to rate their service. You tick all the boxes that say you were satisfied.

But then a month later, the procedure goes awry, you start suffering terrible consequences of shoddy medical work.

You sue. The doctors’ lawyer points to the questionnaire you filled out saying everything was wonderful.

It’s not that your comment will necessarily make you lose your case, but rather it gives the doctor’s lawyer a very valuable piece of evidence with which to try and kill your lawsuit.

Better to not give anyone that kind of ammunition, just in case.

The content was posted by ClarkStreetGang on 2021-10-13 15:07:31 via reddit

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  1. can you post any cases of this actually holding up in court? cuz i’m calling BS on your theory

  2. KatBScratchy says:

    That’s not how med mal cases work. At all.

  3. Princessluna44 says:

    Please provide actual cases like this from reputable sources.

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