New scam to me. What’s the scoop?

Background: I manage the online presence for a friend’s small wine shop in NYC. This is a local neighborhood store, not a distributor who would have much lower prices.

Just a few minutes ago, I received the following email:

“I would like to place an order from you to my store in Fiji and have it shipped with a shipping company I have used several times in the past. Before placing an order with you, I would like to know if I can pay with a credit card (such as Visa or American Express), also, I don’t like to place online orders, so can I simply email an order form and have you give me a quote? This will allow the fastest processing of my orders. I appreciate your time in these matters.”

Seemed quite obviously scammy to me, so I took a quick look. WHOIS shows their website domain was registered just 10 days ago. Their phone number is in Texas, not Fiji, and the website is hosted by a company in Nigeria. And their wine shop that supposedly often orders from overseas instead of dealing locally has a grand total of 14 different items. As a comparison, my friend’s small local shop carries over 1200 different wines. Too many red flags.

So what exactly is the scam in this case? I’m assuming maybe a stolen credit card from some poor schmuck in Fiji? Or is it something else?


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  1. It’ll be a stolen credit card. You’ll be out the wine and then the money when it’s reversed.

  2. It’s the same idea as a !fakecheck scam, but instead of a fraudulent check the scammer will use a stolen credit card.

  3. They will probably give you either a fake check or a stolen credit card. Not exactly sure why the scammer wants to not through email instead of ordering online, but at least you got the chance to decline. They likely will have you ship to a freight forwarding company that ships to Nigeria and Fiji.

    Once the owner of the credit card finds out about the charge and files a dispute, you will lose the money and the wine.

  4. When I saw the “shipping company I have used several times” I figured that it was going to involve the usual !advancefee to the shipping company too.

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