Neydsea is a scam retailer

I ordered a chair from them on August 25th, 2021. I emailed them 2 weeks later as I never received shipping info. They replied stating they did not have tracking of any kind on my package. I waited a week and then demanded they find out where my package is and an ETA. They replied with tracking info from China Post. They stated it is best to track via 17trak. I checked it routinely. There was an update on 09/22 that the item had been delivered into the United States. The final update was on 10/5 that the item had been delivered to its final location. To date, the item hasn’t been received. I contacted them about it and they said they can only offer me a 10% refund for the inconvenience of never receiving my package. I had to dispute the charges with Paypal

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