Nigerian meta-scam brings the Nigerian emails to a new level.

Got this in my email this AM. Personally identifiable info has been replaced by strings of xxxx’s. First names have been left in because they allow for comparison to other scam emails.

**Re: Contact Diplomat Thomas xxxxxxxxx In JFK International Airport New York City For Your Cash (845)-xxx-xxxx**


We hereby inform you that the Scotland Yard Police, Interpol, Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI) United States of America, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of Nigeria and all the African Crime fighter leaders have come together to stop scam/internet fraud in Nigeria and all round Africa. We have recovered over US$2.6 Billion Dollars from the people we have behind bars.

Our duty is to make sure we stop internet scam and money laundering. As for today we have put a lot of fraudsters in jail. We go all over Africa to pick this thieves/internet rats. We have over 8,273 of them in our jails round Africa and we are still looking for more. We are aware that a lot of foreigners out there have been deceived and lost their hard earn money to these fraudsters after promising them percentages in their letters/e-mails for their impending help to move funds out Africa including fake lottery winning notification and at the end of the day, they will collect thousands of dollars from you without a successful end.

It was agreed that to retain the good image of Nigeria and the rest of African countries, all the victims who lost his/her hard earn money to these faceless thieves will be compensated with just US$500,000.00. This we assume will help you to start a new life. Please, you have to accept the money like that because the people (victims) in our pay list are too much. We are paying back from the money we recovered from these fraudsters.

Contact Diplomat Thomas xxxxxxxxx In JFK International Airport New York City For Your Cash (845)-xxx-xxxx

I want you to know that you have 24 hours to call the diplomat in person of Thomas xxxxxxxxx with these phone number (845)-xxx-xxxx in the United States, let us know if you are still interested to get your consignment delivery to you today? as they have been waiting to hear from you to help them complete this delivery to you right now the diplomatic have arrival to united state with your consignment box,call them for clearance.

You are to call the airport with the number above and ask to speak with the diplomatic in person SHANE xxxxxx and send him email at ( . call them and get back to me.

Note; that you must reconfirm your full address and valid phone# to him through these email: ( immediately you receive these email to enable him deliver your cash consignment to you without any mistake.

I appreciate your good sympathetic and collaboration, Hope hearing from you swiftly.

MR GODWIN xxxxx,

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  1. Wow, what a good story. LMAO

  2. To think of how many people will fall for this BS is mind blowing.

  3. pkpearson says:

    So if $2.6 billion is being used to pay each victim $500,000, how many victims are there? . . . 2.6e9/5e5 = 5200 victims. Seems low.

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