Northrock Bike Kjiji Scam

Hey guys!

So I’m not sure how many Canadians are in this group, but for those that are, please be aware of the following scam.

There is an a-hole on Kjiji Canda, that buys large numbers of Northrock Bikes from Costco. As many might not know, these drop in bulks of 10-14 pieces per selected store every 12 months or so (so VERY limited) and cost $399 a pop. They are NOT available online. You also have to assemble them (which should be done by a professional preferably to avoid getting a face full of gravel).

Now what this a-hole does is, he buys up as many as he can get his hands on, assembles them in the shittiest and quickest way, then sells them for $800 a pop while claiming it was “professionally assembled”. I have a friend who stupidly bought one….his brake line popped out, and he ended up a foot away from being run over by a car on the road.

Some of you will call this scalping (which i guess is not a scam scam, but the scam i see here is this person lying the product is “professionally put together” when they dont know how to match a peddle with a L sticker to the left side. This individual has also lied about how he acquired the product, despite it being a costco exclusive. The person then has the audacity to charge a hefty scalping premium, knowing that only people who arrive at 8 am and see that price tag with their own eyes will know the true price.

Please do not buy NorthRock Bikes from anyone on Kjiji, especially if they are “assembled by a pro”. And if you find one being sold for over $400 please report them. At a time like covid, where everyone needs a way to get their health (both mental and physical) in shape, essentials like bikes shouldn’t be hoarded and resold at scalping prices.

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  1. You might have a chat with a Costco manager. They want to provide good service to their customer. If product is consistently unavailable their would reputation will suffer. Limiting purchase quantity would be obvious though not hard to get around. The most extreme measure would be to revoke their card and put them on some sort of black list. I would be interested in what Costco has to say.

  2. This is not a scam. Sounds like he just found a good business opportunity for himself. The fact that he poorly assembles them is an issue, but it’s also your personal responsibility to inspect any device before you use it.

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