Not sure if got scammed need help

So i bought from this very cheap store
I bought 3 shoes with them but they shipped me some very cheap glasses which obviosuly is not my order. I emailed on the confirmation email i got to tell them about my problem but they told me to contact the website itself. I went on the website could not find anywhere to report it. I read online that this website was a scam. So i contacted my bank filled some forms and next day they refunded my money.
Now the store is asking me for proof that i didnt receive it. I took pictures of the pair of glasses but when i emailed back, ny email is not going through. They blocked my email address. Now they are telling me to send them back 40 percent of the refunded money to resolve this issue. There is no way for me to contact them. What should i do?? Please help. Should i contscr my bank and tell them to transfer the money or not. How do i know if it is a scam or a genuine mistake? Thanks

The content was posted by a_sauyack on 2021-02-24 03:47:02 via reddit

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  1. Don’t send your money back to them…that’s not how missing packages/wrong item replacements work.

    Just be happy you got your money back and don’t do business with them again.

    A reputable company will never block your emails like that.

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