Not sure if I just got scammed or not, through an online store

[This]( is the website I was using looking to buy a pair of converse. it looked like 10 bucks cheaper than anywhere else, so I bought them and my payment failed and I than realized the site didn’t look quite right, did they take my info and run?

The content was posted by RyanTheMemelord on 2020-06-17 10:51:51 via reddit

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  1. lightfair says:

    An .org domain for a shop? That’s certainly unusual. The domain has been around since 2017 though, this is slightly longer than most fake shops.

    No presence on social media (links are there but don’t go anywhere), no correct “About Us”, a weird logo that says “buy sites”, no physical address, no “Terms and Conditions”…

    Too many red flags here.

  2. People ordered shoes on Sunday and already had time to write a review?

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