Not sure if it’s a scam but it seems a little strange. Room rental to potential undisclosed sublease.

I found a room for rent that I like and went to see it in person. I met with.. someone (not sure if she is the owner, rentor, or what). Anyway, it seemed pretty legit. The lady asked for evidence of financial responsibility with W-2, pay stubs, rental payment history, copy of driver’s license, and 6 months of bank statements. Also she requested rent be paid in cash. I’m not sure how to approach this. I can ask if this is a sublease or if she’s the actual owner. Zillow shows the home was sold 14 months ago and listed for rent 1 month ago (then rental listing removed 2 weeks ago). The house was empty when I went there, no furniture, no pictures, no boxes in the garage, nothing. Can anyone explain what might be the potential scam, if anything? Or if it’s not necessarily a scam, maybe something fishy that I should get clarification on or go about it a different way. According to her, she lives there with her brother (they’re both older) and she doesn’t work.

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  1. I find it fishy she wants the rent in cash. I can’t say it screams scam, but it sounds like an easy way to get yourself into a bad situation. Money orders are usually the safest way to pay rent, with low or non-existent fees to cash them in the right places. Make sure you cant find the house for sale or other realtors or agencies attached. It sounds like a homeowner trying to rent the unit, but homeowners directly renting is one of the rarest rental agreements you can find.
    You typically want to go with a company or realtor, personal contracts can quickly go bad.

  2. doveharper says:

    Ok so when you are looking for a place to move into, a place you will bring all of your belongings to and a place you will sleep in at night…why would you even entertain something like this that seems scammy?

    If there is even a teeny tiny little seed of doubt about the place you will potentially be living in, don’t walk but RUN AWAY!

    There are plenty of other places to live that won’t make you question if it’s a scam or not. Block this psycho and look elsewhere. It’s way too shady.

  3. The house is 100% empty even though she claims to live there?

    Sounds like some kind of !rental scam, especially with rent in cash. She might have broken in, maybe made a key copy or gotten a code to a lockbox for the key.

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