Not sure if Scam offer from UpWork…… Probably…

Upwork ad:
I would like to introduce myself as a virtual and personal assistant with a huge experience. I worked with a number of companies and continue working with private clients at the moment. I am in need of a person or, may be,several persons to work on my new and interesting project. The job is offered as a part time position at the beginning with great chances to become a permanent profitable project. You should have minimum skills and devote several hours a day to my tasks like: contacting the clients, email and web sites monitoring, contacting the store, receiving and processing correspondence, performing other virtual tasks, etc. I have more detailed information and ready to discuss the details of my venture with the candidates. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and proposals.

He reached out to 80 people himself and asked them to make a proposal, also to move the conversation away from Upwork platform to gmail.


His newest e-mail to me:
I’m apologizing for such a delay.I’m having my business trip now and I
had no chance to reply you earlier.

I am a sales manager and discovering differences between the prices in
the UK and some other European countries. A lot of goods are much more
cheaper in Germany in comparison with UK and Eastern Europe online
stores. I have a lot of private clients and online stores interested in
receiving goods from Germany.
But the main problem is that most of German stores ship within its
territory only. Another problem is that I have a lot of clients who
can’t use paypal or credit cards for international payments and I am
here to help them.
That is why, I am looking for the representatives who will help me
processing orders and help opening a growing business in future. I,
personally, can’t handle all of this and need assistants.
Your main job will be receiving and processing packages from most known
German online stores, adding the information to the web site, performing
other tasks related to the project.
I pay for goods and for shipping in advance and I cover all other
expenses if any. You do not have to pay fees, hidden charges,
I will never ask you for sensitive information except your full name,
address, date of birth in order to prepare a contract for you and to
register you at the web site.

You will receive a monthly payment in the amount of 1100 euro + bonuses
(depends on the amount of processed packages).

Please let me know if you are interested and I will get back to you with
the complete information and with the list of the details I need so that
we can start.

Kind Regards,
Tobias Brooks

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  1. It’s a !parcelmule scam combined with a !fakecheck scam.

    Report the scammer to UpWork, ghost them, move on.

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