Not sure if scam or job offer.

Not sure where to start, my LinkedIn profile is just clicked a bunch of people because I never use it. Well, one person messaged me about a job offer for secondary income saying they are looking for extra candidates. So he says the job is an online distribution and are partnered with major retailers.

So I at least figured I’d at least meet with him and see what he says. He said they do a 6 step meeting to interview and in the first one, he gave me a book to read which was mainly about network marketing. Then the second one he explained a little more about the business to me, the way he explained it was it was an online store that would give money back to its customers and you’d save money by shopping at your own store and you’d need 15-20 people to start(started sounding like an MLM when I needed people). Then you can move some of those people up to my position later. He didn’t say anything about needing to buy anything right now at least. Then after the 6 steps would be the launch of the online website. I don’t think I missed anything feels free to ask any questions I might have missed.

edit: yeah, I’ll listen to you guys and not pursue. Seemed like an MLM but wasn’t sure, thank you guys for the responses.

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  1. > He said they do a 6 step meeting to interview and in the first one, he gave me a book to read which was mainly about network marketing

    Not a job, it’s an Amway scam.

    Just block him and move on with your life.

  2. I had a guy approach me while having my car detailed with the same story. We met at a Starbucks, he gave me the “21st Century Business” book and told me it was homework. Sad part is he seemed genuine.


    I googled the book and scenario and found out it was a ploy to have me join an MLM. You have a better chance making money gambling than selling for an MLM. Big nope after I found out. Go check out r/antimlm or read the reviews for that book on Amazon, it’s scary how many people have run into folks like that.

  3. Lol, I didn’t know that this was a scam. The same thing happened to me and he asked me to read a book in a week’s time.

    My lazy ass didn’t read a single line then I avoided all his calls feeling ashamed that I couldn’t read it. Turned out being lazy saved me from this scam.

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