not sure of this is legit or not

Been chatting with this person for a few days but I am not sure if she is for real or a scam….I don’t have a lot of knowledge on how to verify who she is or that she works for who she says she does….any certain questions I need to ask or who to email to verify?

This is our chat history I would like some input…I have registered on the website but haven’t done anything else…the registration seemed crazy simple for an investing company …maybe I am wrong and it’s all legit


And the website she listed is

The content was posted by chris2cc77979 on 2021-10-12 20:45:01 via reddit

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  1. Just another fucking !crypto scam. Run away. Quickly.

  2. Simple answer: absolutely no one online is here to help you make you quick & easy money. The only easy money they’ll be taking is yours

  3. It’s a scam. Be happy that you asked. Long story short, if you Google or do a Whois search on the website you’ll find little to no info on it, except it was probably created within the past 6 months.

    The person who reached out to you is the recruiter for the scam and the website is run by their scam team. If you “invest”, you will see profits right away because they control the platform. They may let you make one withdrawal to make it seem legit, so that you’ll invest more, continue to make fake profits, and then they’ll say there’s a 15% to 30% withdrawal fee, only payable externally and with Crypto. If you pay that, well then you just got played for more money, because they’ll never let you withdraw again. They’ll probably shut that site down after enough people catch on. Then they’ll just create a new one.

  4. brieflytremendouskid says:

    Its a scam bro.

  5. teratical says:

    99% of unknown “exchanges” are just outright scams aiming to appeal to your greed with unrealistic promises of gain and this is clearly one of them. Stick to mainstream, well-known crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase, Kraken and Binance.

    Think about it: if she really had a system that produced a *guaranteed* 300% return **per week**, why in the world would she share it with you – a stranger on the internet? She’d just gather up her own money, invest it, and be filthy rich within a year. That tells you that the real gain here is not what’s presented in her pitch, but in obtaining your piggy bank.

    We’ve seen hundreds of these here in this sub: the same approach, the same private messaging pitch, and the same template website that hasn’t been live long. If there’s any guarantee here, it’s that you will lose any money you “invest” (I put that in quotes because your money goes straight into the scammer’s pocket; any gains you see on their wholly-controlled website will be faked up).

    It’s good that you stopped to ask. It means your alarm bells are working. Now listen to them and avoid this scam!

  6. chris2cc77979 says:

    Thank you everyone for the info….I at first thought it was a scam because of the groups that she follows on her Facebook and no personal post…I know investors usually shy away from using words like guarantee that’s why I asked her at the beginning….but she was convincing…never thought about the whole if she had a system that good why is she sharing it with me….the website was the final thing that seemed fishy….the whois didn’t give the sitter a good rating either

    How can you confirm somebody says who they say they are on the Internet is there a free site for something like that

  7. rclaux123 says:

    If anything, this just sounds like a bastardized version of the classic Ponzi scheme. Promise high returns on a dubious investment, bait with an initial return that seems legit, and laugh all the way to the bank (at least; until the law catches on and you’re forced to live out the few remaining years of your life in poverty, after a lengthy prison sentence).

  8. et842rhhs says:

    One more red flag to add to all the other ones that other commenters have named: look at how flustered “she” (very likely not a she) gets when you confronted her about the fake profile pic. She went from semi-acceptable English (which by itself is a red flag if she’s representing a financial business) talking about investing to just plain gibberish talking about fashion.

    That’s because the scammer is cutting and pasting from a set of standard replies about investing. When you asked about profile pics, they didn’t have any replies to cut and paste from and had to try to answer you using their real vocabulary. So you got to see what’s behind the mask.

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