Odd online store selling LEGO at insane prices

I was shared this link on Facebook to buy LEGO at 80% off and free international shipping, but the site looks sketchy af and I can’t find any information on it.




Has anyone shopped there ever? Is it reliable? I just can’t help but feel this is an obvious scam due to the price.

The content was posted by braven8 on 2019-04-19 23:53:25 via reddit

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  1. joeyGibson says:

    That website was just created on 2019-04-06, so I would suggest that, plus the absurd price, means you should stay away.

  2. scott60561 says:

    Looks like a popup scam store.

    Try to attract multiple sales before being detected then run off with the money never shipping anything.

    Lego is something that would never get an 80% markdowns. Same with iPads, popular cell phones and expensive brands. People fall for it because they want a sale that doesn’t normally exist.

  3. BenedickCabbagepatch says:

    If you want cheap Lego you can buy Lepin (a Chinese copy) off of AliExpress.

  4. Zenzirouj says:

    A website you found via a facebook ad which nobody’s ever heard of before and is selling popular items at a massive loss? Yeah, seems legit.

  5. At the bottom where it has the logos of the cards they accept, it has ‘Cash on delivery’

    Select that and its free!

  6. This has one review by someone named “admin” and it literally just says “nice” lol

  7. JeanneDOrc says:

    If you know it’s a scam, why persist?

  8. It’s probably the Chinese clones.

  9. It says 80% off on falcon from 400,- for 50,- retail is 700,- so thats another incorrect

  10. I was just going to buy a Millenium falcon, I had my doubts, thank goodness I didn’t . These are monsters, playing games with my heart. 🙁

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