Old Scam Attempt Story – Microsoft Help

So, a story from a few years back about a scammer that tried to Scam me while posing as a Microsoft Helpline.

1) At the time, I had two devices. Device #1 was a Desktop PC, Device #2 was a Laptop.

2) My PC had experienced a bug or virus of some kind, that resulted in the Passoword changing, and I had no way to reset it (Back before Windows Accounts linked to Outlook).

3) I went onto Microsofts website in search of answers, and eventually ended up on an Online Chat with one of their “Helpers”.

4) I explained the situation to them, but the response was lackluster and basically amounted to “We’ll get back to you”.

5) Later that day, I received a Phone Call. Indian Accent, suppose it was a call center. The conversation was relatively normal, up until the point that his supposed solution required me installing Team Viewer.

6) I queried, what is the point of installing Team viewer given the nature of my problem? He responds that he can only help by seeing the problem directly. I said, how do I even install TV on my PC, when the issue is that I can’t log into it? He responds by saying I should install it on my Laptop, which is problem free.

I went on to question how it was possible to fix a Login problem for a device by giving him control of a completely different and unrelated device, that wasn’t in any way connected to the other. His answers were lackluster to say the least, and were mostly dodging the question.

Now, As a personal rule of thumb, I refuse to install Teamviewer or give control to any person outside of 2 situations.

#1 I trust them. Either this is a person I know, or I have sufficient reason to trust them. Anyone I know the number of and call, I may trust. Anyone that calls me, or has me call them from a number I obtain from anything other than the official website (Like an email), is thus untrustworthy.

#2 I personally believe them taking control, will help. If I ask them to explain what they’re going to be doing, I need an answer or I aint trusting.

Anywhos, I pretended to download it and went on with his “Instructions” by basically just “Okay did that” up until he wanted the Id and whatnot, then I gave up, as I didn’t want to take any risks.



Critical Thinking. Whenever someone wants to “Take Control” of your device in anyway, try to ask what they’re going to do and /why/ they need to do it. In this specific case, him controlling my laptop wasn’t going to let me login to my desktop, and even he couldn’t come up with a reason to explain why he needed it.

Always Question, and if they aren’t even smart enough on the topic to explain it, be very suspicious.

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  1. Stoliana12 says:

    My grandparents almost fell for a similar thing. Their computer was a hand me down that was already very old. It fortunately had so little ram and so many problems that they unplugged the thing in frustration. Enter Microsoft person calling. (Of course they don’t know Microsoft from McAffrey from space invaders).

    We have reports that your computer needs a critical update. And they say no we don’t. Then have there been pop ups interrupting you and slow computer response. Of course there is— I digress.

    On it goes but gram has no idea about how to follow simple instructions over the phone from me, so even if it was plugged in and on this would be everyone’s scam the scammer dream of wasting hours of their time. Grandma said I’ll have to have my granddaughter call you back to get help with that.

    He tried the last ditch I see your computer connection, this will be easy to remedy!!

    Then she really realized it was all fake because again it wasn’t just off but unplugged and on the other side of the room.

    He left a number and name surprisingly. I called and got a “number not available leave msg” voicemail min descript.

    I knew as soon as she said Microsoft called and in grandma story I had an hour of tale to make sure it turned out ok. I called to fuck with them but to show her in person that I know about the scams and leave a vivid reminder.

    Anyway they were in their early 80s then—

  2. i_love_the_usa1776 says:

    !Microsoft help scam

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