Ongoing government impersonation scam

My company just got approved to bid on US govt jobs in the last month. Just days after that approval, we started getting quote requests from various govt agencies with fake domains. NCUA was FAA was I got both of those domains shut down quick by the registrars.

Last week I get an email from the procurement director of HUD. The emails come from a real email at HUD but with a reply-to at their fake domain. They requested a quote for 400 @ 5 T hard drives. I am scrambling to report the domain and the registrar is ignoring me. I call the director of procurement (scammer is using real names) and no return call so I proceed to call every single number in his department. I finally find him on LinkedIn and hit him up. He replies with “it’s a fraud and move on”. I explain I know it’s a scam and let’s get the FBI going on this. Let’s bust these fuckers. He has me call their fraud hotline since they work with FBI, etc. Call the hotline and their fraud extends only to people frauding the HUD for benefits.

Meanwhile the scammer is hot and heavy for these drives. I generate a fake quote, he accepts it, sends the PO and I got a delivery address. I look it up and it’s a parcel shipping facility. Give them a call and ask for the consignee name and they said he doesn’t work here but he rents a box. Explain the scam and suggest they contact law enforcement. She mentions that someone had been by recently to discuss some scam underway.

I waste 2-3 more days getting shipping details from the scammer. Do we need a lift gate? Inside delivery? Will James be there to accept it?

Today I get a call from the parcel company. She tells me that the 400 hard drives arrived and she will hold them until I get them back. I explain I never really sent anything since I knew it was a scam. She pulls the packing lists and it is from another company. Same order and roughly the same price of $50k. She contacts the name on the order and it turns out the guy just figured out he got scammed and was trying to get his gear returned.

Here is where it gets really good. Remember how the parcel company mentioned someone had been by earlier saying the guy with the box there was under investigation? He was supposedly FBI but had no business card and wrote a note with his info so he could be contacted when packages arrived so he could get the “evidence”!!

We now have someone impersonating the director of purchasing of a federal agency, having items shipped to a parcel mule, another scammer impersonating an FBI agent attempting to intercept shipments as they arrive, a gullible company that sent $50k of gear that they hopefully get back… And then there is me trying to do the right thing but I can’t get any sense of urgency from anyone nor solid answer on who to call next.

Any suggestions?

First Update 11/9 : Called the parcel shop and they said they got served with a subpoena today to turn over everything related to the box rental scammer. They also asked for all video of the suspect. They have passed my info along to law enforcement as a witness with additional evidence. Will update more as it comes in. Told the scammer I shipped the items and sent him fake tracking details.

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  1. GadreelsSword says:

    That’s scary.

  2. Have you tried contacting your local FBI office?

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