Online Fishing Store… Any Experiences/ thoughts

Curious to what peoples thoughts are on this… I’m thinking it is 95% a scam of some sort. Its []( and all of the products they have listed are mid to high end for a fraction of the MSRP, for example, they have a $850 G Loomis GLX listed for $200. G Loomis is one of the higher end rod manufacturers and their lowest priced rods don’t get much lower than $200, the GLX is one of their higher end products

Part of me knows this is an obvious attempt at getting someones credit info based on prices and the fact that they have no reviews on any products but the site looks legitimate enough, seems to be built well, theres no language errors that I can see and its a secure site, only red flag I’ve found is the ‘Norton Secured” logo at the bottom of each page is an image rather than a link. I would just love to hear this is legit so I can get some serious deals lol but the realist in me thinks I’ll just end up chasing the seller and my credit card provider for a refund

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  1. Google WHOIS, and learn how to use a WHOIS web site to look up information about the domain name that is associated with the web site in question. There you will find the date that it was created/registered. How long ago it was created/registered can help you to decide if this web site is legitimate or not.

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