Online Job Scam Australia

Have any of you guys heard of this website: []( ?

There is no legitimate company name or anything. They look for naive users and ask them to register and start ordering in retail sites. All the actual money transactions happen over BSB and Account number. Once we register to the website, we have to send money to BSB and Account number and in the backend , the customer care update the amount in this website . Once there is enough money shown in the portal, we can start ordering retail stuffs.

These are the exact words mentioned by them “We help businesses increase the click-through rate and sales of the mall. The merchant pays you based on the number of orders you fulfill. For the same product, we increase the popularity and click-to-purchase quantity of the merchant’s products, so that in any country in the world, as long as the same product is searched, the merchant’s product will be searched immediately and ranked in the top 10. , This is why the merchants do tasks for us to make us earn commissions ”

Have anyone got scammed through this ? I have reported this already to ACSC and awaiting for response. If anyone else is going through this, I can shed additional info in tracking these scammers and help recover the lost amount.

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