Online Pucimi Furniture Store – a scam?

I was looking to purchase a specific loft bed online. I found it from familiar stores for $250.00. I then did a Google-Shopping search, which turned up [](, a furniture store supposedly from Colorado. They had it for $117.00 and free shipping. That was my first red flag, but I continued to the shopping cart. They only allowed payment via PayPal even though there were Mastercard and Visa symbols all over the place. That was my second red flag – time to start investigating.

Here’s where it gets interesting. When I called the listed number, I was taken to Rocky Mountain Pulmonary and Critical care Medicine – a Colorado medical care company that seems to be legit. The kicker is that the Pucimi logo on the website actually looks like this: PuCiMi – PCM – Pulmonary and Critical care Medice? Coincidence?

I talked to the woman at the Pulmonary and Critical care Medicine. She had never heard of Pucimi. But she did mention that she had gotten two other calls asking about furniture on the same day that I called. She hadn’t received such calls before that.

The pucimi website looks very professional, but when you start clicking on links, you realize there’s no real content underneath. For example, all of the Facebook/Twitter/etc links take you to the same generic “Email Us” page.

Does anybody have any experience with this?

The content was posted by Dr_DNA on 2020-04-14 07:13:42 via reddit

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Two things right off the bat show this is a scam:

    The site is new and the prices are too good. I didn’t even have to run a whois on the domain.

  2. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    > Does anybody have any experience with this?

    It’s a very common scam site, just ignore and move on.

  3. EpidemiologyAndCats says:

    I ordered something on 04/15 and realized I hadn’t received it on 05/01. I did some digging and came to the same conclusion as everyone else. I wish I had done the digging prior to ordering… but I was on a massive ordering spree trying to furnish a new apartment and was too tired to think of it at the time. I filed a complaint with the FTC with all of the information. I was lucky enough to be refunded by my bank. Their refund is contingent on attempted contact with the merchant (poor Pulmonary and Critical Care of Colorado). Hopefully, the website will be shut down.

  4. ConsistentCondition6 says:

    Yep just had the same experience! Never got a confirmation of order, called and oh it’s a hospital, contact us link doesn’t work. Emailed address on approval receipt your order shipped response. Call PayPal we don’t have that merchant ID.. last night your PayPal has been accessed from unknown location.
    Reported to PayPal my bank everything. Email back from merchant said David Zillow- I said I no your a scammer and have been reported to the authorities

  5. Website is a fraud1

  6. Tiffdandy says:

    So I just ordered a tv stand from them Friday night.. any word on what happened with yalls stuff?

  7. Icy123467 says:

    Has anyone filed a claim through PayPal and actually received their money back from this scam? I placed an order last Thursday and after seeing these reviews I went and filed a claim.

  8. TraditionalWorld0 says:

    filed complaint with FBI. Here’s the info I have compiled that may help lead to person-

    Address on website pulls up a David g Berger. 3039401714, 7202990576. Pucimis email is [email protected]. Either this is him or he set someone else up. The second email is HIM though. FB Daniel Minjack and he advertised for pucimi. Pymt on PP went to NGUYENTHING.
    He has also been updating the website with more fake reviews so he’s obviously aware people are catching on and just ignoring it

  9. Remarkable_Cut says:

    After reading all these comments and Getting the same result when I called the phone number, I thought it was a scam too. I ordered something on April 15. I filed a refund complaint with my credit card company this morning. Came home this afternoon, and my furniture order is here.

  10. FunProfit4 says:

    Did anyone else receive their products? I just ordered two chairs yesterday and this place is very sketchy.

  11. lexylux19 says:

    I was searching for a bookcase this morning and I called to ask where the item was shipping from and also got the Rocky Mountain Pulmonary and Critical care Medicine . I sent them an email, but dont expect a response. I think I’ll stick to Walmart and pay about $25 more but know that it will actually arrive!

  12. FrostySource4 says:

    So did anyone get any furniture delivered? Or how can we get our money back

  13. crazyladydee says:

    I placed an order on the site for as Lorraine tv stand I saw on other websites for 269.00 or a little cheaper. I got the Lorraine TV Stand for TVs up to 60 inches – Off-White/Espresso1$114.99Townsend 6-Cube Bookcase1$109.99Subtotal:$224.98 I got the TV stand in a Hayneedle box but there were two left sides so we had to make due and the shelf never arrived and I saw a Paypal refund for 114.99. The self they have for 109.99 is on Hayneedle for 375.00. So technically they are legit, but I will never order from them again. It’s like they are selling returns or items that are missing parts.

  14. RadiantIntroduction4 says:

    I just bought a tv stand from them half the price of any where else was delivered within two weeks and I absolutely love it!

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