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Hey all!


I work in customer support for online retail in Europe – and previously in North America.


I noticed a lot of people who buy online don’t really understand how it works and thinks they’re being scammed for their money – maybe I can help clear your concerns?


You see, when you write in with hate in your head and emotions, customer services are asked to explain policy and try to help you understand how to resolve your issue and you only need to have one negative experience to hit the “unsatisfied” rating for us – this costs us our jobs even though we really couldn’t do anything about your issue because we are bound to company policy and do not want to risk being homeless.


Put it this way, rate your customer rep a 1/5 or a 4/5 will still show up as a failed service for us, individually. Imagine getting 50 surveys in a day everyday with scores like that because a delivery was delayed because of unforeseen circumstances, then we say goodbye to our job because you didn’t like company policy.


I hope that made sense! Maybe you guys have questions – I’ll try to answer them as directly as I can for ya’ll in the comment box!

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  1. JuniorAppointment says:

    it makes sense dude, don’t worry

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