Online shopping store scam?

I ordered apple airpods for $119 from this site. Looked legit, until I realized the email, phone, and contacts all were dead ends. Still not sure, is this site a scam… and if so how is it still up and running?

Update: I DID GET THE AIRPODS and it was all legit. However, when I got them, there was a best buy invoice in the box with the full $169 price on them. I think some store manager or something is running a scheme where he buys the products at his discount and resells them at a very small discount. Otherwise, Ive been using and loving them.

edit: forgot to include the url

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  1. It’s definitely a scam. There’s no internet police that go around taking down scam sites, they stay up until their host/registrar decides to take action. Sometimes that’s a quick process, sometimes it’s not.

  2. Should I order these too? Maybe you just got lucky? I’m scared I won’t receive them and I’ll lose my money..

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