Online store called eGlobalCentral refuses to send my order or refund it at all

I really need help and have no idea on what to do…

So at the end of October I found a website called (I’m from Portugal), I checked reviews and they didn’t seem to be bad compared to some other legit sites I’ve seen so I decided to go buy a phone from there since it had a very decent price, at the same day I received an email saying my order dispatching soon and then 8 hours after received another one saying it was dispatched.

After that I went to their site and found out they had the tracking number there so I kept checking every day since it updates every 24 hours only, the tracking seemed legit to me at first until the 10th day of checking their tracking page, it was only showing up messages about delays so I started to worry, I sent them an email asking what was up and why the code wasn’t working on the GLS site (they said they were using this carrier), [and they replied with this message](, I ate it up and waited 3 more days and replied them two more times, they didn’t reply back.

The delays on their tracking page kept going and going and going as you can see here [this is the tracking information they provided me]( (it stopped at 29th and doesn’t update anymore.)

[And now witness this absolute clownery](, this is just one email conversation, there’s 4 or 5 more conversations like this and even with other emails, anything related to my order would just be like this, but if I asked if X product was available or what carrier they use they’d reply normally.

I also sent them an RMA through their site, got a reply from them saying they’re forwarding my case to the customer support team and will contact me ASAP, this was 20 days ago.

Also the only phone number they provide is from Hong Kong.

I was too dumb to not use Paypal, I only end up remembering when shit has already happened… so today I decided to contact my bank and they don’t do chargebacks for some reason…

So there goes my last resort and I’m coming here to ask for advice because to me it seems that I’m out of options and I feel super depressed…

**UPDATE:** So I did end up receiving my order although it took them 2 whole months to send my order (plus ~1 week shipping) without explaining a single thing! Proceed with caution and those 3~8 days shipping is clearly a lie so definitely don’t expect the order in that time frame.

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  1. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    How exactly did you pay?

  2. Martolas10 says:

    So how was this question resolved? I have the same problem. Delay after delay, I’ve ordered on the 20 January.

    I wrote them to cancel the order and to get the refund. Let’s see what they reply.

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