Online store scam

Hi, I couldn’t find this here so I’m making a post about it

The website , which also exists in different translated versions for different countries starting with [](, [](, etc. is a scam.

You order and pay for things that never arrive, and get no answer by contacting their “support”. I recently got scammed and I looked it up and found a whole bunch of people reporting that they never got their ordered item. Thought I’d share considering the website is so well built and people are probably getting scammed daily, which is a pity. I hope people see this and this website can be shut down eventually somehow…

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  1. noscams-info says:

    Shopify has no scam control. Any scammer from China can setup a scam site on Shopify and they let them collect money for a while.

    I do some monitoring on another China scam gang that hat in the last 10 days 50 or so different scam sites, all promoted via Facebook ads:


    Looking at your link, you can buy the same stuff on Aliexpress or Gearbest etc. At least they are real.

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