Ordered and was charged for 2 things 10 weeks ago, never received anything.

I’m not a very impulsive person, but one day I saw an ad in August on Snapchat for Lovelet Bracelets. It was a spur of the moment thing, I thought I’d get bracelets for me and my partner because an event was coming up. They were less than $20. So I place my order, I get a confirmation email and it says “track package” so I attempted and it told me to download that “Shop” app where you track packages. Nothing was visible when I tried to track it so I ended up deleting that app. Shortly after, I asked what delivery service they use and they say it’s a global delivery service. Then they proceeded to tell me that it would be 3-4 weeks to arrive. A month ago, I emailed the vendors asking if there were updates and no reply. Then couple weeks ago, I emailed twice again asking if I can get a refund or updates. The worst part, it’s absolutely hell trying to figure out their website. I’m not even sure it is up anymore, because when I search “lovelet bracelets” (they’re the magnetized ones) the only website that pops up is one that says to put in your email for updates? I’m overall pretty pissed about this and I contacted Shopify with a complaint and I haven’t heard anything from the store owner or Shopify. Was this a scam?

The content was posted by Even-Cream2216 on 2021-11-09 14:08:12 via reddit

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  1. joeyGibson says:

    So many social media ads are scams, so it very well could be. Or, it could just be a drop-shipping site, with crappy products and long delivery times. I bought some stuff from AliExpress one time, and it took three months to get delivered from China.

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Sounds like you got scammed. How did you pay?

  3. You bought something through snapchat??

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