Ordered from a fake online store

Hi, so about a month ago I ordered a really cheap laptop from a website. The website said I will receive the order 2 weeks after payment. The method of payment was really strange as I had to make an order then they would email me the paypal invoice 24 hours later. I decided to order and just to make sure it was safe that when I clicked on the email I was already logged in to paypal online so they couldn’t ask me to log in through a fake website and give them my paypal details. I waited 2 weeks and the laptop didnt arrive. I decided to email them and they said the laptop would arrive in 1 more week due to the pandemic. I got really paranoid so I looked through the internet and found no information about people getting scammed but I found out it was launched recently so it had to be scam. I got scared and quickly emailed them asking to cancel the order as in their terms and conditions it said they would refund you if the order was delayed. About an hour after I emailed them they just simply refunded me. I found this really strange as it should’ve taken longer to receive a refund but the money showed up in my bank balance. I am worried that something might happen or am I too paranoid as its clearly a scam but they made no attempt to keep the money or delay the refund. I also checked again and others have actually ordered and didn’t receive their orders nor a refund.
Summary: I ordered from a really cheap website. Item didn’t arrive. Asked for a refund. Received one really quickly. Found out others had been scammed on the website. I’m worried something might happen with the money they refunded me.

The content was posted by jimbib7389 on 2020-06-02 05:35:36 via reddit

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  1. ImParticleMan says:

    Sounds like a bad reseller, maybe not necessarily a “scammer”. Especially if they provided a refund, why would a scammer do that? I’ve found some people just scope pawn shops for cheap deals and post online. If someone buys, they’ll go and pick up the item from pawn shop and ship, keep the upsell money. If item is no longer available, they don’t do anything unless inquired to, then they’ll refund. Sketchy, but I’ve heard this isn’t too uncommon.

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